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To THPS players and fans,

Welcome to i5, the fifth installment of the THPS [i]mprovisation tournament! This “prov” tourney is a chance for THUG PRO‘s most creative, original players to shine and compete for $1,000 in prize money.

Sign-ups open February 15th and close February 28th. Players interested in participating must submit a 1-minute prov run in their level of choice, which must be capped online and submitted during/within this timeframe. Five judges, one from each of THPS‘s most storied clans, will then select thirty-two participants based on the strength of these runs, and successive rounds will take place in the form of first-try 1v1 prov battles, the last of which will take place the week of April 10th. All matches will be streamed live via Twitch, with Guy2K and CSRH—two of the community‘s most colorful personalities—providing live commentary.

Whether you‘ve been a hardcore THPS player for two years or twenty, this is a chance to take part in a dedicated community‘s most iconic tournament. Players interested in submitting a run to the preliminary round must first fill out a brief form and submit their run here.