i6 kicks off live on Twitch in 1456:14:15:22

Round 2 results

Poster of alivePHUN vs. speed flo
alivePHUN 75
speed flo 10-
Poster of ron vs. tommy flo
ron 25-
tommy flo 95
Poster of Drizzt.eX vs. homeboy
Drizzt.eX 34
homeboy 141
Poster of konek vs. Buck.RiV
konek 25
Buck.RiV 15-
Poster of Q-Levy INC. vs. bombs
Q-Levy INC. 291
bombs 134
Poster of Green.tLT vs. tekPHUN
Green.tLT 15
tekPHUN 17-
Poster of jens vs. mcy.tHO
jens 27-
mcy.tHO 115
Poster of ptc.tLT vs. (aSS)elec
ptc.tLT 52
(aSS)elec 213