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Welcome (officially) to i5! We’re so, so excited to revive such an integral part of THPS history. We imagine y’all have a fair amount of questions, so we’ll start with the basics:


Players interested in participating must submit a 1-minute run on a level of their choice. Unlimited tries are allowed, so long as the run is capped online between February 15th and February 28th. To ensure that the run was captured no earlier than February 15th, players are required to include *i5* in their name. Five judges—one from each of THPS’s top prov clans—will then evaluate the submissions, and the top thirty-two players will advance.


i5 will be organized according to a “prov battle” structure, meaning that participants will compete 1v1. Matches will be assigned in the same way as a basic sports playoff: the 1st seed will face the 32nd seed, 2vs31, 3vs30, and so on.

The first three rounds will consist of a best-of-three-levels 1v1 prov battle; levels are organized thematically. The semifinal and final matchups, conversely, will consist of a best-of-five battle. Guy2K.eX and CSRH will serve as live commentators for each matchup, and Guy2K will also serve as the dedicated lobby host.


Feb 15
Sign-ups open!
Feb 28
Sign-ups close and judging commences.
Mar 6
Successful admits and their respective seedings are announced.
Mar 13
Round 1 begins.
Mar 20
Round 2.
Mar 27
Round 3.
Apr 3
Apr 10
Final matchup.

Matches will take place on Saturdays (and be streamed live via Twitch), released to the public the following Monday via a YouTube watch party, and then judges’ decisions will be released on Wednesdays. In the event that, on a Saturday, a player is unable to attend their scheduled match (or they live in a timezone that makes this an impossibility), players and staff will work to schedule the match for 10am PST the day after (Sunday).

Itinerary and levels

R1Opening NightHawaiiTHUG
R2California GamesVenice HDTHUG
Los AngelesTHUG2
R3Old SchoolLondonTHPS4
SFThe SemifinalsAlcatrazTHPS4
New OrleansTHUG2
Santa MonicaTHAW
High SchoolTHP8
FThe FinalsChicagoTHPS4
Beverly HillsTHAW
Fun ParkTHP8

Some run specifics

As previously mentioned, runs will be one minute long, with stop at zero disabled. In the event that a player starts a new combo after zero—accidentally or otherwise—their run shall be considered finished.


  1. $700
  2. $200
  3. $100